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United States Adjustment and Recovery Act  

Ending Taxpayer Programs 


Starting Ancestral Injury Payments to Descendants of Enslaved Americans for Unpaid Wages

and Descendants whose Ancestors served in the Civil War for the U.S. of America Militia .  

Are You Owed ?

You are eligible for Ancestral Injury Claim Payment ( Recovery ) if you are qualified as the following Descendant Category  

                    1, Enslaved American Descendant ( $1.8 million USD Each ) - Individual who has Generation Linage to Slavery in U.S. and a Natural Born Citizen of U.S  ( All Cash Payouts based on Age of Applicant and Region )   

2. Caribbean / West Indian American ( 700 k USD Each ) - Individual who is from Caribbean West Indian Native who has declared U.S. Citizenship in America 

3.European American Descendant ( 350 K USD Each ) - Generation Lineage thru Documented Civil War Service for the U.S. of America Republic Militia or Federal Troop Service .

Who Will Pay Your Claim ?

No Taxpayer Dollars or Payments for your Ancestral Injury Claim Payment! This will end 400 plus years of Wealth Inequality and Dysfunctional Taxpayer Programs that will End Poverty programs such as Public Housing. The New Wealth Creation thru Cash Compensation, Homeownership, Descendant of Enslaved Business Grants/Loans 

( Change  Classification to Descendant of Enslaved American Enterprise) , Education thru Open Enrollment and Automatic Acceptance of any Descendant  Student     ( 17 yrs - 120 yrs ) who is seeking a Degree such as                  ( UnderGrad or Grad ) of any Colleges or Universities within 34 States that sanctioned Slavery or Invested in Slavery. Employment Rights for Local,State,Federal or Private Sector that require Security Clearances. Refund of Child Support Payments and Reimbursements of Tuition Payments of any kind learning such as K - 12 and Trade School or College Education for self ,family .       

The Payors are 83 Actor Entities (International & Domestic) who will be responsible for Paying Injury Claim Compensation to

the Descendants of Enslaved Americans.

                         Who is the Author & Proposer of Bill ?   

                                Injury Definition of Recovery or Reparations ? 

The legal injury definitions for the Descendants of the U.S Slavery System from the New Ancestral Injury Claim can be defined as a Non Taxpayer Bill aka " U.S Adjustment and Recovery Act "                    This Freestanding Bill was Drafted and Submitted to the Government of the District of Columbia FY 2016-2020 by  John Cheeks , Author & Proposer for Recovery Compensation is a New Claim due by Actors who Owe Unpaid Wages to Descendants of EnSlaved Americans or European Americans who have Documented Proof of Civil War Service in the U.S. Militia against the Confederates.

 Reparations is a Is an Injury Claim Payable or Reinstated/ Returned  by Actors who committed injuries Only to Afro Descendant Americans  Documented after Slavery from 1880 - 2022 such as  Sharecropping , State Tax Land Grabbing , Housing Discrimination, Non Admission of College ,Employment, Business Contracts Discrimination , Financial/Credit Rejection  or Military Service and Government Security Clearence for Employment from 1870 thru 2022 .  

United States Adjustment and Recovery Act / Proposed Free Standing Bill

Send Your Name ,Age with City & State to this Email for your Application ( 18 - 120 years​ old ) ( This is a Census Count . Do not send  SSN or any Photo ID )

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